Request to Unblock SMTP

Please read the following.  Your request will be granted within 24 hours of submitting this form.

1) All domains that you are requesting rDNS for must be active. These domains must have live content that serves customers. Websites that simply state your opt-out rules or for SEO purposes are not allowed.

2) All clients must be naturally obtained. We do not allow emailing to bought, shared or harvested lists.

        A) All clients must be double-opt in.

        B) All client data must be retained until opt-out occurs.

3) All emails must be CAN-SPAM compliant.

        A) Unsolicited emails of any kind are not allowed.

        B) Phishing emails are prohibited and will result in termination of services.

        C) All emails must contain a valid opt-out link. All opt-out requests must be processed within 24 hours.

4) Use of rDNS and mailing for SEO services is prohibited. This includes bot or ready use programs for this purpose.


Acceptance of terms:

By submttng this from, you agree to the above terms, and agree to the following:

Failure to abide by the mailing requirements and restrictions included herein will result in suspension and or termination of services.

Performing any such act that results in the blacklisting of IP resources will result in termination of services.

No refund will be provided for servers terminated for breaking our terms of service or AUP.